Adjudication Case Studies - Snooker : Prices Laid in Error

One of the advantages of betting online is that bookmakers can contact customers to advise them of any errors. What does not work, of course, is if customers do not check the e-mail address they gave when opening the account or else fail to update their account when changing e-mail addresses. That was a lesson learned by the backer in this case:


Whenever a backer opens an online account with a bookmaker he agrees to be bound by that bookmaker's rules. All bookmakers have a rule which entitles them to correct errors in the display or transmission of prices or propositions. All bets accepted by a bookmaker are subject to that rule. At the time the bet in dispute was placed Hendry was leading Williams 6-2 in a best of 17 frames match. For the match to finish in 14 frames or fewer Hendry needed to win only three of the next six frames. That would not have been a 15-8 chance.

In the Panel's opinion, therefore, the displayed price was incorrect and the bookmaker acted within its rules by correcting it. Backers with online accounts should always monitor the e-mail address they used to open their account for messages from the bookmaker concerned. It is pointless to give a bookmaker an e-mail address that is not checked regularly. Doing so will inevitably result in e-mail messages which affect bets not being received.

Most bookmakers' online software does not allow a bet which has been struck to be amended until it is settled.

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