Adjudication Case Studies - Cricket : Top Batsman

We highlight a particular problem that the Service has previously experienced regarding transactions placed on the "Top Batsman" market in Test matches.

Customers are under the misapprehension that bets placed on the top batsman apply to the overall top run scorer in the whole match. However, virtually all bookmakers' rules advise that betting on the top batsman apply to the first innings of the match only irrespective of the number of over's bowled.


It is a customer's responsibility to ensure that they fully understand the terms and conditions of any bet placed.

In this case the customer has placed a bet on the top run scorer for Australia in the first Test against England. The customer has placed their bet in the belief that all innings in the Test would be included. However, the bookmaker was betting on the top batsman in the first innings only and had no market operating on the top scorer for each side in the whole of the Test.

The bookmaker has supplied a copy of the advertisement it was running on the day the bet was placed. Although it says '1st Test betting' above the odds shown it also says: 'First innings only' below the odds shown.

As the firm were not betting on the top batsmen for each team in the first Test outright, but only on the first innings of that Test, that is the market on which the bet should be settled. As such it is a losing bet.

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