35 hours per week, office-based, London EC3

£28-30,000 per annum based on experience + pension and life insurance schemes

IBAS received over 7,000 requests during 2017 to adjudicate on betting and gaming disputes. As a Case Manager, your responsibility is to source and collate all of the evidence and information that is needed to allow the members of our Adjudication Panel to reach a fair and informed decision. Case Managers maintain an accurate record of the progress made on each case and may be asked to determine whether a dispute concerns issues on which adjudication cannot be offered or which are more appropriately considered by a different authority.

Our ideal candidate does not jump to immediate conclusions but analyses information and arguments put before them and respects both sides of a debate. Handling disputes requires sensitivity to the circumstances of individual consumers and the ability to communicate effectively with consumers and gambling operators alike. 

Ideally, you will be able to demonstrate:

- Capability to manage a substantial and varied workload

- An understanding and respect for client confidentiality

- Knowledge and experience of betting and/or gaming, particularly in an online environment

- Effective written and verbal communication skills

Experience in complaint handling or dispute resolution would be advantageous but not essential.

Please send a letter or email application to or Case Manager Vacancy, IBAS, PO Box 62639, London, EC3P 3AS.

Closing date for applications: Friday 1st June 2018

We are happy to consider offering flexible hours to work around other commitments.





Primary responsibilities will be:

  • Receiving applications for adjudication and making initial judgement on whether the dispute is appropriate for adjudication, referring potential regulatory issues to the Adjudication Manager.
  • Consider each completed adjudication form.       Contact both customer and bookmaker (as required) in writing to seek whatever information and/or evidence you consider will be required by the Adjudication Panel in order to reach a fair decision. Information may also be sourced from third parties as appropriate.
  • Log all actions on the database (if not logged automatically).
  • Once sufficient material has been gathered to allow the Adjudication Panel to reach an informed decision, assign the case to a suitable Adjudication Panel member.
  • Follow the instructions of Panel members to seek further information from either party to a dispute, on their behalf, as required.
  • Work with colleagues to maintain accurate records of the number of cases assigned to each Panel member.
  • Maintain a full audit trail for the case.
  • Resolve any enquiries regarding a live case received from either party – this may include discussing progress with the case by telephone.
  • Upon receipt of the Panel’s draft ruling, pass the case to the Adjudications Manager with any recommendations (e.g. about circulating the case to additional Panellists).
  • Inform customers in any cases where the gambling operator concedes and/or makes an offer to the customer for immediate dispute settlement.
  • Record any sums of money awarded to the customer in the disputes database.

Additionally Case Managers may be expected to:

  • Organise and attend meetings of the full Adjudication Panel where a small number of complex cases are debated and voted on.
  • Attend certain betting industry events from time to time, both to represent IBAS and to help widen your understanding of the industry.
  • Attend meetings or events and make presentations to regulators or industry groups.
  • Assist with the smooth running of the office by providing cover or assisting colleagues at particularly busy times.
  • Identify cases of particular interest and write articles or summaries for website or press releases.
  • Provide data and statistics for Adjudication Manager.
  • Provide temporary cover for the Adjudication Manager.
  • Manage all outside scope complaints, directing consumers to the appropriate resolution or support services.

At all times it is important to:

  • Avoid expressing an opinion on the likely outcome of a case to either party, although general views on betting industry practice or the IBAS approach to certain types of cases may be referred to at your own judgement and discretion.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of both parties.


Total Value of Payments Awarded or Conceded to Customers in 2017.
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