The Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS) considers some 8,000 complaints each year from customers of licensed gambling operators. Alongside betting, the IBAS service also covers the bingo, online casino, lottery and gaming machine sectors.

IBAS operates on a ‘not for profit’ basis, free to the consumer and funded by annual registration fees from betting operators. 20 years old this year, we continue to see growth in requests for adjudication from consumers, advice from operators and insight from regulators and politicians.

The Adjudication Panel plays a vital role in the process. Its independent members have the final decision on the outcome of disputes.

We are seeking to add to our existing panel individuals who are analytical, considered, fair and thorough. Panel members are expected to handle their work with discretion and respect for the confidentiality of the disputing parties. The role involves drafting final decisions for publication, so the ability to communicate clearly and succinctly in written English is essential.

Interest in or experience of betting and/or gaming would be desirable but not essential.

Experience of alternative dispute resolution schemes in other sectors would also be useful.

Panel members work remotely from the IBAS office but are expected to attend 4-6 meetings per year, usually in London. Some additional training visits to the IBAS office may be required from time to time, particularly during your initial months on the Panel, when you will receive support and guidance from existing panellists.

A more detailed job description is available below.

Panel members are paid a fee per case handled as well as a separate meeting attendance fee. We cannot guarantee minimum levels of assigned cases, but typically a member of the panel might expect to receive fees in the region of £1,000 per month for considering 20 disputes.

To apply, please email: or write to:

IBAS Panellist, PO Box 62639, London, EC3P 3AS

Closing date for applications: 11 July 2018




Members of the Adjudication Panel will be contracted by IBAS to give consideration to disputes between licensed gambling operators and their customers.

They will be expected to:

- Read and refer to the IBAS Guidelines for Panel Members document, which will be updated from time to time

- Log into their IBAS email account a minimum of once per week unless the IBAS office has been advised of any reason why they will be unavailable

- Acknowledge receipt of all disputes referred to them for an opinion and provide an appropriate response in a timely manner, to be agreed with the Adjudication Manager and Head of Adjudication

- When presented with a dispute, carefully consider the arguments of both sides, in the context of:

  1. The contractual terms which govern a transaction/agreement

  2. Consumer rights law and what direction it gives on the fairness of terms

  3. Regulatory standards set out by the Gambling Commission

  4. Other relevant regulations or legislation

  5. Established industry precedent, subject to the above

- When required, draft questions to be put to either the consumer or operator, which can then be forwarded to the relevant party by a Case Manager

- When required, set out their views on a case, either in informal notes to other members of the Panel/IBAS employees or in a more formal ruling

- Draft rulings which show an appreciation of the arguments advanced by both disputing parties and which clearly set out the reason or reasons behind the final decision proposed

- Seek to form constructive working relationships with other members of the Panel and IBAS employees

- Treat all information they receive confidentially and to respect and act in accordance the organisation’s requirements under applicable data protection law

- Ensure that any conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest is notified to the Head of Adjudication or Managing Director at the earliest opportunity

- Attend full meetings of the Adjudication Panel as required by the organisation and participate in any training activity

- Not use their membership of the Adjudication Panel improperly or seek to represent IBAS or the views of IBAS in any inappropriate manner



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