We want to help play a role in resolving as many disputes as we can, but there are some types of complaint or dispute that are better or more appropriately handled by other agencies. The purpose of our Claim Wizard is to help you identify whether IBAS will be able to assist with the problem you have encountered or to suggest where it might be better directed instead.

You might also want to consider using the Resolver service to handle your complaint. Resolver is a free service that helps you direct your complaint to the right person at the right organisation. Click here to visit Resolver’s site.

Please answer the questions below accurately and honestly to get an assessment of whether your dispute falls within our remit:

We find that many disputes are conceded by the gambling operator upon contact from IBAS.Often the company stresses that had the dispute been brought to the attention of a more senior member of staff it would have been settled amicably many weeks earlier.

It is in your interest to have made every reasonable effort to get the operator to reconsider their position. Have you contacted the most senior customer service manager you can reach, or contacted head office if the dispute occurred in a local shop/club/branch?

Have you given the company enough time to reply to your complaint before contacting IBAS?

Making one further phone call or writing one further note may save you significant time.Please only use IBAS when you consider that every reasonable attempt to resolve the situation has failed.

To proceed further, you will be asked to create a simple account here using the IBAS website, after which you will be invited to complete an Adjudication Form. Your account will consist of an e-mail address and password. You do not need to log-in to your account at any point after that although soon, doing so will allow you to monitor progress of your case through the various stages of adjudication.

IBAS will never use your e-mail address to contact you on any matter apart from your betting dispute(s) nor will it supply your contact details to any third party except if required to by law or by the Gambling Commission as a Commission-approved provider of ADR services.


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