EXAMPLES - Sector SPECIFIC Information

IBAS adjudicates on disputes from a wide range of licensed gambling operators. We consider betting disputes from online bookmakers, betting shops, greyhound racecourses and sports stadia. We also adjudicate on disputes from customers of Adult Gaming Centres, bingo clubs, online casinos, lotteries and other gambling venues. To check whether the company you are in dispute with is registered with IBAS, click here to view our directory of registered operators. Every British-licensed gambling operator is required to have an independent dispute resolution service in place, so you can check with the company you are in dispute with to see which other ADR (alternative dispute resolution) service they have appointed.

In this section of the site we refer to a number of example topics that are sometimes at the heart of disputes our Adjudication Panel will be reviewing and explain the type of factors that will be taken into consideration by the panellists when adjudicating on each type of dispute.

Do not be concerned if the subject matter of your dispute does not feature in this section. Our panellists consider a wide range of different disputes; these are just examples of the more frequently occurring types.



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