Advice if you are unhappy with an IBAS decision

It is possible to appeal any IBAS decision. We accept appeals up to 40 days after a decision is published and sent to the consumer and business concerned.

However, not every appeal will necessarily be accepted. An appeal will only be passed on to the Appeals Committee where we consider that an appeal has a realistic prospect of success.

The Committee will not accept appeals simply on the basis that either the gambling business or consumer disagrees with the original adjudication. As a minimum one of the following grounds will have to be met:

  • The ruling is incorrect because previously submitted evidence has been misunderstood
  • The ruling is unjust because previously submitted evidence has been overlooked

If the appeal request is permitted the full case file will be considered by the Appeals Committee, which will discuss and explore the points raised. This may involve asking additional questions of both parties before reaching a final decision.

The final decision will then be communicated in writing by the Head of Adjudication.

For the avoidance of doubt, it should be noted that a request for review will be turned down if the appeal is effectively a request to re-examine the factual investigation already undertaken by the Panel.

If new evidence is supplied to counteract a specific point that was raised in the ruling, by the Panel for the first time the Appeals Committee will make a decision as to whether it is considered relevant to the extent that it justifies a substantial review of the entire dispute. PLEASE NOTE: The Appeals Committee may reject an appeal request on the basis that new evidence is submitted which could and should have been made available at an earlier stage in the ADR process.

We encourage everyone to reflect carefully before submitting an appeal to IBAS. You can only submit one appeal request so it should not be done hastily i.e. immediately after reading our original decision.

If you are comfortable that you meet the above criteria and wish to proceed with a formal appeal, please email details of your appeal to appeals@ibas-uk.co.uk within 40 days of receipt of your original ruling. If you do not have email access, you can post your appeal to: IBAS Appeals, PO Box 62639, London, EC3P 3AS.


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