Have you recently used Resolver to contact IBAS?

Important Information for Users of Resolver.co.uk

What is Resolver?

Resolver.co.uk is a website that helps consumers lodge complaints about businesses. It is especially useful for people who don't know how to directly contact the company they want to complain about. Resolver covers all sorts of businesses from airlines to takeaways.

What is the link between resolver and IBAS?

There is no link between IBAS and Resolver, except that if you use Resolver to make a complaint against a gambling business, if you are unable to resolve that complaint to your satisfaction, sometimes Resolver will refer your complaint to IBAS for independent consideration and adjudication.

Usually, that results in an email being sent from Resolver to IBAS to let us know about your complaint and to provide us with some information about it.

Unfortunately, as a result of an undetected technical issue IBAS has not been receiving these emails since 24th October 2021.

What should I do if I am a Resolver user waiting to hear from IBAS?

If you have a complaint about a gambling business, if you've tried to put things right by contacting the company through Resolver, but you haven't managed to fix the issue, please follow the steps on this page to create an account on the IBAS website and submit details of your complaint. 

What information does IBAS need from me?

You don't need to spend too long explaining your complaint.

If you provide us with your account username/number, any reference numbers relating to the transactions under dispute, a brief explanation of your complaint and - if you have been issued one - a formal "Deadlock Reference Number" or copy of a "Final Decision" from the gambling business, to prove that you have completed the business's own internal complaints process.

Should I just wait for the DATA link between IBAS and Resolver to be reSTORED?

You are welcome to wait, but we often find that the most effective time to resolve a dispute or complaint about gambling is as soon as possible after the problem has been noticed.

In any case, we will often ask Resolver users to create an account on the IBAS website anyway. This is because we cannot approach a gambling business for details about your account and transactions with that company unless we have your consent to do so.


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