Our business operates in multiple locations? Do I have to register each site individually?

You only need to register different trading names – not different locations. So if you operate 50 betting shops or 20 casinos under the same brand, you only need register that trading name once. You do not need a separate registration for each premises.

We ask that where a business is an online business, the website is submitted as, e.g. “???BINGO.COM” where it is a land-based business, it is submitted as just “???BINGO”.

How will I log into the IBAS site to update our records or review the progress of ongoing disputes?

We will ask every company that registers to select a single email address and password that will be used to access the site.

We believe that this approach (i.e. instead of permitting multiple personal accounts per business) minimises the risk of forgetting to deregister a departing employee, potentially creating an avoidable data protection issue. We will suggest that these login details are held by one individual or shared among a small but trusted group of colleagues and the password is changed every time that there is a change in personnel dealing with ADR matters.

Can I set up accounts for colleagues to be able to login?

No. Instead of setting up additional accounts, company’s account login details should be shared internally with as many colleagues who are deemed to need access. We cannot set up operator accounts that permit approved colleagues to see differing levels of information.

Will the benefits of the new site updates take effect as soon as I register?

Not immediately. When we have every operator registered on the new system, we will then be ready to launch the equivalent customer-facing changes. From that point any new disputes will become accessible for both customer and operator to view and monitor online by logging on with the correct email address and password combination.

What happens if we choose not to complete this process?

We will take steps to transfer all of the companies from our current database of operators onto the new database. However, if operators do not register themselves there are two disadvantages:

- We risk recording that you are running businesses or brands that are no longer operational

- You will not be able to benefit from logging in to be able to view a record of your previous disputes or progress updates on disputes which are ongoing.

Why haven’t my changes been applied to the directory of IBAS-registered operators on the IBAS website?

During a four week transition phase, the directories of registered operators on our website will continue to be managed manually within the IBAS office. In mid-January we will switch over so that in future any changes you make to your registration (e.g. to add, delete or change trading names) will be updated live onto the website, putting you in control of what is published.


No, if you're registering on that basis, one registration in the stadium's name (and/or trading name) is sufficient.


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